Christmas Markets Lamp designs (2022)

Every year, Luminology proposes several unique 3d lamp models that can be the perfect decoration item for almost any space and a great gift for your loved ones.

This year you will be able to find exclusive led lamp models on our Christmas Markets Stands in Manchester, York, and Bristol.

Exclusive Models in the Christmas Markets

This 2022 we brought to our physical stands at Christmas markets many of the classic models that we know you love. Here is the complete list of lamps you will find exclusively in our stands at Christmas markets.

Classic 3d Lamps present at the Christmas markets:

  • Bee Lamp
  • Cat Lamp Models (3 different lamp designs)
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Teddy Bear
  • Thinkerbell
  • Horse
  • Owl lamps (2 different lamp designs)
  • Moon lamp models (2 different lamp designs)
  • Moonbird
  • Desk Lamp
  • Booklight
  • Newton lamp

Due to logistical reasons and low stock in particular models, the online catalog and the one at our physical points won't be the same. We are thankful for your understanding!

The New 3d LED Lamps Models: 

Furthermore, this year we introduce seven new 3d led lamp models that will blow your mind and conquer your hearts.


  • Labrador

  • Musical partition

  • Bear lamp

  • Swam

  • Astronaut cristal ball

  • Moon lamp 15cm

  • Levitation Moon Lamp

Wait for pictures of our new collection of illusion 3d led lamps and see you soon for a good time together at Christmas!