Are you seeking for 3D Led Lights in the United Kingdom?

If that's the case you are just in the correct place! At Luminology we have been specializing in the production of all kind of high-quality 3d lamps.

Different from many other companies in the market, our 3d illusion lamps include a wooden base, not a plastic one, which makes them much more elegant and resistents.

And the best part is that our 3d lamps are last up to 50.000 hours and are low energy-consuming. The fact our led lamps are just 5v power-consuming make them eco-friendly.

Guess you have an important question, are these led lamps safe for children's room?

Yes, they are! All our lamps stay cool to touch what makes them safe for children. No burns, no accidents, just a cute lighting solution in their room's.

Furthermore, we have two 3d illusion lamps that will probably be appealing to them. Our Fairy 3d illusion lamp and our Teddy bear Led lamp, will accompany the kids all night long. 


led lights for children in England

Do we have 3d nigh light designs for adults in England?

Of course, we do! We have a wide range of designs for any kind of spaces. 

We have some elegant and more serious lamps as our Magnetic Lamp of Folding smart book light. And some cool 3d illusion lamps like our 3d illusion round table lamp and our Globe lamp.

 3d led lights in the uk

We have plenty of 3d led lights for you, and the best part is that we offer free trackable delivery  to the mainland in the UK.

Do not hesitate more and buy for yourself or friends the best 3d lamps in England, made by the led lamps specialists | Luminology Studio.