It’s jingle bells time again!

December is here! Hollies everywhere you look, bright red, announcing that winter is at the corner. Perfect weather for mulled wine, hot chocolate with cream and a cozy throw in front of the telly. Advent has already started for some and the 12 days of Christmas are just about to. So much chocolate in these Advent calendars! All the holiday foods, the music, the atmosphere around us, magic in the air…

That’s what we, Luminology family, are going to miss the most about not having our Christmas Market this year, the magic! Kids coming by the stall and curiously asking questions about how the lamps work and touching everything to their parents’ despair, whole group of families with their nanas and grandpas, all looking in awe at our lamps and finding it difficult to choose just one or coming back another day for more models, all the giggles, the tradition of the Christmas Market being the event that sets the tone and the time for holiday celebrations. We spent a year thinking over the design, the projects, the boxing and organising everything. We’ve been working hard, even online, to make sure that you won’t miss out on the Christmas spirit and to show that we miss you, we miss you people!

All the great memories we made last year, last Christmas, makes us feel alive and hopeful. It makes us appreciate even more the opportunities we had and the ones we are sowing on. What an amazing celebration to enjoy the new beginning that is presented to us all around the world.

Happy holidays!