3d moon lamp

3d Moon Lamp In The UK!

3d moon lamp in the UK

We all have a friend that is crazy about the moon. That's why we propose two different 3d moon lamps in the UK. Both of our moons led lamps, are available to be ship right away in mainland England.

Now you can offer those moon lovers the perfect gift! No one can resist a perfect led lamp, especially ours, because they are made of the best materials, no more plastic bases, just quality wooden lamp bases and perfect acrylic plates.

Wooden Base Moon Lamp UK

3d moon lamp in the UK

This 3d moon lamp fits everywhere, it lights up any space giving a unique touch.  It is 14 cm ( 16,5cm including wooden base ) tall and weighs 0.6kg, you can decorate any shelf or cubicle with it. 

The best aspect of our full moon lamp is that has low energy consumption and can last until 50,000 hours without getting warm, making it a safe bedroom lamp for children. 

Furthermore, you do not need any batteries to make this beautiful moon lamp bright. It is equipped with a universal USB cable, which you can connect to any USB port or USB wall charger.  This means you can use your moon lamp everywhere around the world.


3D Illusion Moonbird Lamp In The UK

3d moon bird lamp in the UK

This full moon light lamp will provide a special touch to your decoration. This birdmoon lamp is unique in the market, made of high-quality wood.

The full moon led lamp is 29cm tall, and like all of our led lamps, it comes with a universal USB cable. So no more waste of batteries, this led lamp is low consumption and will last until 50.000 hours.

If you were seeking that perfect gift for a moon lover, you are in the right place. Order your moon lamps today and enjoy our trackable free delivery to all of mainland England.

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